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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a method of ensuring that the content of your website provides the search engines with exactly what they need in order to secure a higher organic ranking. There are a number of procedures involved in this, including the use of the correct keywords, configuring web servers and sites to deliver data quickly, building links, and developing an appropriate PR strategy.

Traffic + leads = sales

The ultimate aim of any business is to make sales, and the only way to make sales is by gaining customers. In terms of the web, the more traffic you get to your offering, the more likely you are to gain leads. These leads can be turned into sales by passing them through a sales or marketing funnel – this is how the funnel process works:



here are many ways to approach SEO, but the best long term strategy has been shown to be through the production of quality content over a period of time. This is known as “White Hat” SEO and is the method favored by search engines such as Google.

The alternative “Black Hat” strategies often result in a very short term boost in interest to your offering, but will quickly result in your content being penalized in the search rankings. If you are looking to build a strong business, White Hat is the way to go.

A unique SEO strategy is required for every business, as no two businesses are identical. You might be trying to attract a global audience or just new business from your local area, with each requirement needing a different approach.  Our experts will help design the strategy that matches your goals – and your business – perfectly



eyword research is possibly the most important part of your SEO strategy as it directly relates to the items that your customers are searching for. If you run a vehicle sales business, you might think that “car” is an acceptable keyword, but it’s not going to be much use to your business. If you search for “car” on a search engine, you will receive millions of results.

The trick is to find the keywords and phrases that your customers will search for. For example, if you sell cars in Michigan, the phrase “car sales in Singapore” will be more useful as it includes your location and shows buyer intent – the word “sales” indicates that the person searching is looking to make a purchase. There is much more depth to keyword research than just adding locations and words of intent, but as a general principle, the more specific to your business the keywords are, the better.



odern search results are ranked based on usefulness and ease of access for the consumer. In days gone by, a site could obtain a top ranking by just repeating their keywords more often than the competition, but thankfully those days are gone.

Search engines now expect your site to load quickly, have simple page navigation, be laid out in a logical manner, work well on mobile devices, and be secure for people to use safely. The better the experience, the higher your page will rank. It is one of the more complex tasks to guarantee that your site is fully compliant with these demands, but we will take care of everything for you, ensuring that the search engines get what they need.



s more and more businesses have gone online, the importance of local SEO has increased. This is a method of optimization that promotes your business in your local area. You’ve no doubt seen apps that show you the nearest restaurants to you, or perhaps you’ve even typed “restaurants near me” into a search engine.

By using location services, your device will know where you are and what is near you. Getting to the top of the “near me” list is only possible by using an appropriate local SEO strategy, especially if you face a lot of competition nearby. Local SEO allows your customers to find you in the crowd of local businesses.



igital PR and content are important factors for ensuring that your site is easily discovered. By producing well-written content that includes relevant information, it is not only picked up by the search engines, but also stands a better chance of being shared on other sites and social media platforms.

Every time your content is shared, it increases the chances of your site being found both by being seen on these other platforms (which may have many thousands of visitors every day), and by acknowledging to the search engines that your content is considered worthwhile by other people. This is indirectly the first step in link building.



s noted, being linked to from other sites lets search engines know that your content is important. Other sites can provide links that give a similar boost to your page, for example, business directories, blogs, newspaper sites, etc.

By having your content linked-to or featured on these sites, your site will build a strong reputation. In fact, the more important the site is that you appear on, the more important you own site is deemed to be. Links like these can be obtained by outreaches and building a relationship with the appropriate sites – we are experienced in creating and maintaining these relationships and can use our expertise to increase the authoritativeness of your website.



very client has access to their own login portal which contains daily-updated information about every aspect of their website in relation to SEO, marketing, and search engine rankings. This allows us to transparently share information with our clients about how well their website and SEO strategy is performing, rating each and every action with the use of industry standard measures.

There’s no need to ask us for information or wait until your bill arrives to see what is happening, as you can keep a check on it every single day from your own computer. When all the information is at your fingertips, you’re fully in control, and we can work with you to take your business to the next level.

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